Defendant Rokes told many different stories about the lights and the crash to eight different people.
(1) 10-4/5-96 11:05 p.m. Officer Michael at scene, Rokes stated "I didn't see flashing red light because I was consoling my wife";
(2) 10/5/96 1:00 am to Officers Wilson and Venenga "I thought I had a green light";
(3) 10/5/96 8-9:00 am told Scott Braun, "I thought I had a green light."
(4) 10/5/96 at between 10:00 am and 11:00 am to Tracey Braun thought he had a "blinking or flashing light".
10/5/96 7:54 p.m. CFPD in a signed police report his statement was "saw east west traffic light was green, thought I had sufficient time to proceed, said I was going 40-45 mph,
(6) Told hospital nurse, Martha Lamb he was going 50 mph.
(7) 5/21/1997 "didn't see the light because I was turned and didn't see the road" (criminal trial);
(8) 5/21/97 "didn't know--didn't see the light" (criminal trial)
11/10/98 deposition "saw the red light go off and did not see the green light. Didn't see a green light. Was driving near the speed limit." There is a difference between 40 and 45 and 50. However, all are at or near the speed limit.
(10) 4/20/99 "green light a typo on Officer Wilson's CF police department report. It should have been a 'red' light."

updated 01/17/17