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OVC Links to Victim Assistance & Compensation Programs
With Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) funding from OVC, state agencies within the United States and U. S. territories have established compensation programs to reimburse crime victims and assistance programs to offer victim services.

The numerous agencies responsible for running these VOCA-funded victim service organizations vary from state to state, but their corresponding state administrator contact information and Web links have been assembled in two formats for your easy reference and The National Crime Victim Bar Association to support attorneys representing crime victims in civil situations

CRIME LIABILITY REPORTER, a publication of the National Crime Victim Bar Association, an affiliate of the National Center for Victims of Crime.
In the CRIME LIABILITY REPORTER , 10 (2), 2006: 4-5. Includes articles such as: "Bar may be liable after intoxicated patron rapes and murders woman" (Iowa) and "Assault by unidentified patron may give rise to liability" (Iowa) dram shops liability for intoxicating their customers.

Crime Victim Compensation Program
Iowa Attorney General's Office
321 East 12th Street
Des Moines, IA 50319
515/281-8199 FAX

Iowa Driver's Manual
This may be a good source of information on certain aspects of the crash.

Legal Resources and Libraries

Law degrees are obtained at:
Drake University in Des Moines, University of Iowa In Iowa City, Prelaw is available at the University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls.

The State Library of Iowa has a Law Library In Des Moines. These sites have law related information at their libraries though not usually available for interlibrary Loan.

National Crime Victim Bar Association (NCVBA), a network of attorneys who represent crime victims in civil lawsuits arising out of criminal acts, said that victims of crime are increasingly pursuing civil lawsuits for reasons that have nothing to do with profit or greed.

The NCVBA operates a toll-free national helpline (1-800-FYI-CALL) that victims can call for information and referrals for civil lawsuits. "Many crime victims tell us that they want to pursue a civil suit so that they simply can have their day in court. It is important for them to have the chance to stand up in a court of law and to tell their side of the story." Jim Ferguson, director of the NCVBA, explained that "in a civil suit, the victim is in the driver's seat. The victim controls the important decisions in the case, and the perpetrator and other responsible parties can be held directly accountable to the victim."


Publications at:

MADD Nationwide Victim Assistance

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Selecting A Civil Attorney

Financial Recovery After A Drunk Driving Crash

A Guide Through the Criminal Justice System

Your local MADD chapter has compiled a listing of personal injury attorneys in their geographic area.

This outlines is general advise only and is not intended to be legal advise. For such advise, CONTACT AN ATTORNEY.

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