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Todd Wilson, Sgt. since 1990 asst. shift commander/shift supervisor

Hall: joined in 1983--17 yrs CFPD. Schooling includes DEA narcotics, TAC, OWI, implied consent, and field sobriety testing. He looked for skid marks, yawl marks, vehicle damage, yawl makes are made by spinning wheels.

He was working at Deery's, part-time security, was wearing CFPD uniform. Got the call at 11:15 from Lashbrook, picked up kit at the PD and went to the scene, looked for paint, did drag wheel tests, etc. Ambulance and fire vehicles were there. Didn't talk to any witnesses, talked to Liljegren and Venenga. Saw scuff marks related to the collision? Yes. Diagrammed, plotted, and measured the scene. Triangulated the intersection. Looked for scuff marks. Collision within intersection of Greenhill and 58. Looked for breaking and skid marks, supplied measurements to Baskerville. Traffic signals for both ways . Signals yell for north/south and red for east/west. Was at the scene better than an hour. Then went to Sartori.

Spoke to Juli and Rokes. Wanted to she how he was--Rokes said "thought the light was green" and said "he had too much to drink". Had watery eyes, flushed face, bandage. Wilson knew he'd have to take the investigation further. Knew two others were taken to Covenant (Tammy and Kristina)

Spoke to Mrs. Farrell, spoke to Rokes and DRokes. Took a written statement of what Rokes said. Knew of Rokes. Looked at vehicles at L & M Transmission in CF. Photos taken at L & M Transmission? Yes.

Contacted Sgt. Baskerville of Black Hawk County Sheriffs office. Wilson wanted a second opinion. They, Wilson and Baskerville went back to the scene.

Rokes stated the light was green. Wilson thought lights changed at 10:00 p.m. He contacted Laverne Junker and sent Officer Anderson to make sure lights switched at 10:00 p.m. The lights go though a regular cycle then changes to red for north/south and yellow for east/west. Lights are very visible from South Main, there are four blinking red lights. There were no obstructions to a person's visibility on Greenhill. (Me: Just before the peak of the hill, you can see down to the lights at 58 and Greenhill.)

Bevel: Rokes had a 1996 4Runner with ABS breaks--anti lock breaks, they won't leave a skid mark, sometimes absence of skid marks doesn't mean he didn't break? Wilson: I just saw him. Rokes said he thought light was green, saw lights flashing after the accident. Air bags had deployed--for both the Rokeses? Both, yes. Rokes vehicle lost a tire didn't it? Yes, right front.

At the hospital Wilson made contact with Juli--spoke with her, she was complaining of pain, Wilson said. Wilson got to the hospital at 12:30 am, shortly after arriving from conducting the accident investigation he spoke with Juli. Wilson said she said she was chatting with friends, didn't' see it until the last moment.

Rokes was cooperative, didn't ask for a lawyer. Rokes indicated his wife was upset about her mother, he felt alcohol didn't have anything to do with the crash. Rokes was slurring his words, could have been upset about the accident? Yes. Had no problem communicating? Yes. Gave appropriate answers? As far as I could tell, Wilson says.

Hellman: Is there an obstruction to the intersection from 58? A tree line. Trees appear to be about 3 inches (Hellman hands him a ruler) on the photo and there are trees along the bike trail. What is the scale of the photo? 1 inch equals 1 foot. You didn't know if they had or hadn't stopped talking before the crash. (Page 3 Wilson's report.) Didn't put anything in the report that Juli didn't see Rokes. Rokes turned to the left? Yes. If he'd turned to the right he'd' have missed her. Maybe.

Shows the scuff marks, path of Rokes vehicle. Rokes swerved to the left. Rokes plowed in the side of the Farrell vehicle. He might have missed her if he'd swerved to the right. Wilson: impossible for me to say, back up a second or two, yes he would have missed it. Perception reaction time is 3/4 of a second--mind sees it--a simple reaction, complex reaction time takes 1.6 sec. At 55 mph from the Traffic Institute for Northwestern University 55 mph x 1.47 = ft per second = 80.85 ft/sec.

Rokes told you he thought he had a green light. Lights for east/west traffic was green--Little or no traffic. Rokes never said he had a flashing red light and he was consoling his wife. Yes.

Hall: When was report done? Oct 7, 1996 made contact with Rokes. Documented in the report that Rokes had too much to drink. Documented green light and odor of alcohol? Yes.

You've made arrests for public intoxication and OWI? Hundreds of times. You've seen people at varying levels of alcohol? Yes. Unusual for a person to be under the influence and in an accident? This one sticks out in his mind. 600 ft covered in 6-7 seconds at 55 mph.

Bevel: Nothing new except did you put in your report Rokes was under the influence or intoxicated? No.

Hellman: Are there trees along the bike trail? Yes.

Hall: The average reaction time is 3/4 of a second (objection) complex reaction time? (sustained) 1.6 seconds.

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