CASE 96-83155


SUBJECT: Two Vehicle Collision (Fatality)

Time/Date: About 2255 hours, October 4, 1996

Driver #1 Rokes, Tracy Allen)7 -13-61 W/M

2622 Ryan Dr., Cedar Falls, Iowa

Iowa D. L. 484-84-9903

Driver #2 Farrell, Juli Ann, 01-21-80, W/F,

104 Walnut, Hudson, Iowa

Iowa D. L. 478-02-2289

On October 4, 1996 at approximately 2315 hours I was notified of a personal

injury accident which had occurred at the intersection of Hwy 58 and Greenhill Rd.

I was requested to make an on-scene investigation. At the time of the reported

accident I was working off-duty at the Deery Brother's. I had monitored the radio

traffic and was aware of the accident. I drove to the Police Station were I picked

up the accident investigation equipment and then drove to the scene.


Upon my arrival at the scene I observed two ambulances and two fire vehicles near

the intersection. The paramedics and fire personnel were working on the injured in

the Oldsmobile.


I noticed a 1996 Toyota 4 Runner bearing Iowa license XEL 487 sitting on the

southwest corner of Hwy 58 and Greenhill Rd. The vehicle came to a rest facing in a

northeasterly direction. The Oldsmobile Cutlass bearing Iowa license LIL 370 was

located in the ditch on the southwest corner of Hwy 58 and Greenhill Rd. It was

facing a more northerly direction.

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I met with Sgt. Liljegren and Officer Venenga, they briefed me as to what had

transpired in the investigation up to that point. Officer Venenga stated that the

driver of the Toyota, Tracy Rokes was transported to Sartori Hospital. Officer

Michael followed the ambulance to the hospital for follow-up on the report that

Rokes was possibly intoxicated while driving. It was reported that the rear

passenger in the Oldsmobile a sustained a head injury and that person had been

transported to Covenant for treatment. The driver of the Oldsmobile (FARRELL)

had been transported to Sartori as well as the third person in the Farrell vehicle.




Investigation had shown that the 1988 Oldsmobile Cutlass bearing Iowa license

LIL 370 driven by Juli FARRELL was traveling south on Hwy 58. The 1996 Toyota

4 Runner bearing lowa license XEL 487 driven by Tracy Rokes was traveling west

on Greenhill Rd.

The vehicle driven by Rokes entered the intersection against a red flashing light

striking the Oldsmobile. Several witnesses stated that the lights were flashing red

for east-west traffic for Greenhill Rd. and yellow for north-south traffic on Hwy 58.




Roadway: State Hwy 58 is a four lane divided highway consisting of four concrete

lanes for north-south travel. At the scene of the accident the roadway has one

turn lane along with the four lanes of north and south travel. Greenhill Rd. is a

city street consisting of a four concrete lanes for east and west travel. At the

scene of the accident there is a turning lane for Greenhill Rd. There were no

obstructions found in the investigation and none were mentioned.




Officer Venenga positioned her marked patrol vehicle on Hwy 58 north of the

accident scene. The two inside lanes for southbound traffic were closed to

preserve evidence which was on the roadway. Officer Venenga, Sgt. Liljegren

assisted by examining the roadway. We observed fresh skid marks on the

roadway just to the west of the accident scene. These skids were not involved in

the accident. (There was an accident at this same location the day before.)


Officer Venenga and I established numerous points to be plotted. we utilized the

base point/reference point system. The extended curb line on the southwest

corner of Hwy 58 and Greenhill Rd. was used as the base point. These

measurements are included for use in the diagram. The points plotted from

reference point "A" included the resting position of the Rokes vehicle as well as the

Farrell vehicle. Other points plotted were scratch marks on the roadway and the

point of impact.


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Various other measurements were taken at the scene to plot the location of the

sidewalk, lane dividers etc. Debris on the roadway consisted glass and vehicle

parts. There were no visible skid marks from either vehicle prior to or after the



Sgt. Liljegren photographed the scene from several locations. Upon completion of

the investigation at the scene L&M Towing were contacted to two the vehicles.

Sgt. Liljegren remained at the scene until the vehicles were towed. Officer

Venenga and myself then proceeded to Sartori Hospital for follow-up.


Upon arrival at the hospital Officer Venenga and I spoke with the victim Juli

FARRELL. I noticed several small lacerations about her head. FARRELL was

complaining of pain to her left side, the nurse Carol Eastman stated that she had

received what looked like a couple of broken ribs. We questioned FARRELL as to

what had transpired prior to and what had happened regarding the accident.

FARRELL stated that she and some friends watched some movies at a friend's

house and later drove up and down University Ave. She stated that she did not

consume any alcohol in the night. She said that she was on medication for Mono.

and could not drink alcohol with it. I did not see any signs of alcohol or smell

any from her. I asked Carol Eastman the ER nurse if she had smelled anything, she

said she had not. FARRELL stated that she did not remember much about the

accident. She said she remembered driving and getting plowed into. She repeated

that it was not her fault. Officer Venenga and I told her that we would talk to her later in the week and get a statement from her.


Officer Venenga and I spoke with FARRELL'S mother and informed her as to what

we were doing and asked that she contact us when FARRELL would be able to

give us a statement.


We then spoke with Rokes, Tracy Rokes was being treated at the time by Dr.

Robitaille. ROKES had sustained several cuts about the face. I detected a strong

odor of alcohol in the room. ROKES made a statement about having one to many

to drink. I questioned him as to what direction he was traveling, he said that he

was going west on Greenhill Rd. He said the thought the traffic light was green for

Greenhill Rd. He went on to say that his wife was upset and he was talking with

her and that he was not paying attention to the road. ROKES said that as he was

about to enter the intersection he noticed the southbound car. He made a remark

like "Oh Shit" and attempted to brake. He then struck the side of the car. He said

that after they stopped he asked his wife if she was OK and then proceeded to the

other car to see if they were alright.

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Delonna ROKES stated that she did not see what had happened prior to the

accident. She said that she was upset about her mother and was crying and that

her husband was speaking with her bout it. She did not see the traffic lights as

her head was down and she was crying.


We explained that we would need a statement from them regarding the accident.

They said that it would not be a problem. Officer Venenga then drove them to

their residence.


I returned to the station and found out that the other two passengers in the

FARRELL car were being treated for their injuries at Covenant Hospital. Kristina Hill

was apparently being treated for lacerations and a possible broken jaw. Tam

Kleinheksel was unconscious and being treated for head injuries.


On October 5, 1998 at about 1715 hours I was notified by Sgt. Olson that

FARRELL had gone into cardiac arrest and was being transferred to Allen Hospital. I

later found out the FARRELL had died.


I contacted Tracy Rokes and his wife Delonna and asked that they come to the

police station. On October 5, at about 1930 hours they arrived at the station.

Officer Venenga and I informed the about the death of FARRELL. Both were

surprised and upset about the death.


I asked that Officer Venenga take a statement from Delonna Rokes as I was going

to talk with Tracy. I read TRACY ROKES his right per Miranda and asked if he

understood them, he replied that he did. (SEE ATTACHED STATEMENT)


I called Laverne Junker the Cedar Falls traffic Operations Supervisor, I asked that

he check the traffic lights at Greenhill Rd and HWY 58. I wanted to know what

time the lights cycled from regular signal to flashing. I received a memo later form

Junker stating that the lights cycled to flash at 2200 hours.


I called the parents of Kristina Hill and asked if she would be available to give a

statement regarding the accident. They said that they would bring her to the

stations. Kristina then gave a statement to Officer Venenga regarding the incident.

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Over the course of the investigation I consulted Sgt. Phil Baskerville from the Black

Hawk County Sheriff's Office. Sgt. Baskerville has extensive training in accident

investigation. I turned over my measurements and paperwork to Sgt Baskerville,

he was asked to assist in the investigation.


Sgt. Baskerville and myself went back to the accident scene and remeasured some

marks that were left from the vehicles involved. All the measurements were

turned over to Sgt. Baskerville for follow-up. Sgt. Baskerville participation was to

attempt to determine speed through the evidence given.



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