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TARO--Florida based organization offers a critical forum for ideas and techniques used in the field of traffic accident reconstruction. An interesting look at crash investigation, even for the layman. Also links to other similar accident investigation sites.

TARO is a Technical Journal
TARO is an Accident Reconstruction Education
TARO is a Collection of Useful Traffic Accident Reconstruction WWW Links
TARO is a Place to Present a Reconstruction Analysis
TARO is a host of Information Services
The TARO Reference Library is a searchable Database
The TARO E-mail Phone Book is another searchable Database
The TARO Organization Directory is another Information Service
TARO is a place to advertise traffic accident reconstruction related products

Approach Angles is an area reserved for methods, thoughts, and debate regarding the application of Traffic Accident Reconstruction techniques. Work in the field is firmly rooted in scientific principles. But the application of the science requires many assumptions and subjective judgments not usually taught in classrooms. On the Approach Angles page a specific problem is posed. This is a real factual case. You are invited to examine the facts, choose an approach for analysis, justify your technique, then offer your answer. Though the crunching of the numbers is part of the analysis, the emphasis here is on how you arrived at your answer.

updated 12/29/16