Tamara Rose Kleinheksel
Criminal Trial

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6 MR. WADDING: Yeah. Tamara Kleinheksel, Your


7 Honor.




9 called as a witness on behalf of the state, being first


10 duly sworn by the court, was examined and testified as


11 follows:


12 COURT: Please state your full name, please.


13 WITNESS: Tamara Rose Kleinheksel.


14 COURT: How you do spell your last name?




16 COURT: Thank you. Mr. Wadding.






19 Q. Ms. Kleinheksel, where do you go to school?


20 A. Hudson Community.


21 Q. What year are you in?


22 A. A senior.


23 Q. Okay. And are you employed right now?


24 A. Yes, I am.


25 Q. Okay. And where do you work?



1 A. Happy Joe's on Kimball.


2 Q. And how long have you worked at Happy Joe's?


3 A. Almost two years in June.


4 Q. And were you involved in an accident on


5 October 4th, 1996?


6 A. Yes, I was.


7 Q. And do you know who was operating the vehicle


8 that you were in?


9 A. Juli Farrell.


10 Q. Okay. And who is Juli Farrell?


11 A. One of my friends.


12 Q. And whose vehicle were you in?


13 A. Hers.


14 Q. Do you remember what kind of vehicle that


15 was?


16 A. It was a blue four-door car.


17 Q. And how did you know Juli Farrell?


18 A. I went to school with her, and I also work


19 with her -- worked with her.


20 Q. And did you guys -- did you and Ms. Farrell


21 socialize together?


22 A. Yes, we did.


23 Q. And how long had you been socializing


24 together?


25 A. For a year -- more than that.




1 Q. Pardon me?


2 A. More than that. Just off and on.


3 Q. And do you recall what -- who else was in --


4 excuse me. Who else was in the vehicle with you that


5 night?


6 A. One of my other friends, Kristina Hill.


7 Q. Do you know where you were situated at the


8 time of the accident?


9 A. In the back seat.


10 Q. And do you know where anybody else was


11 situated?


12 A. Juli was driving, Kristina was in the


13 passenger seat.


14 MR. WADDING: May I approach, Your Honor?


15 COURT: You may.


16 Q. I'm going to show you what's been marked as


17 State's Exhibit "J", marked for identification, ask if


18 you recognize that?


19 A. Yes. That's Juli.


20 Q. Okay. Is that a photograph of Juli Farrell?


21 A. (Nodding.)


22 Q. Is that the driver of the vehicle on the


23 night you got in the car accident on October 4th, 1996?


24 A. Yes.


25 MR. WADDING: Ask that State's Exhibit "J" be




1 entered into evidence, Your Honor.


2 COURT: Any objection?


3 MR. CORRELL: No objection.


4 COURT: "J" is admitted.


5 Q. Now, the --


6 MR. WADDING: May I approach?


7 COURT: You may.


8 Q. Do you want me to put this away?


9 A. No. I want it.


10 Q. Do you want a glass of water?


11 A. No.


12 Q. What were you and Juli and Kristine doing


13 that night?


14 A. I went over to Kristina's house where Juli


15 was, and we got in her car, went to Hudson to a local


16 restaurant with another friend of ours who were working,


17 and we were going to go to her -- the house that she was


18 house-sitting to watch a movie. And then so she wasn't


19 off work, so Juli, Kristina and me left and went down


20 University for awhile and then went to the Maple, the


21 bowling alley, and then -- and Wendy paged Kristina and


22 told us to meet her at the house, and so we left there


23 and went to the house and watched a movie. And we --


24 we -- Juli had to be home by 11 because she was sick, and


25 so we went to University a couple of times before we had




1 to go home, and then we left -- we left and went there


2 and then came home.


3 Q. And you said you went to University a couple


4 of times. What do you mean by that?


5 A. It was a thing where you cruise, you go


6 around it.


7 Q. Okay. And is that -- I mean, how old were


8 you at the time of the accident?


9 A. Seventeen -- I mean, 18. I'm sorry.


10 Q. And how old was Juli Farrell?


11 A. Sixteen.


12 Q. And what year in school was Juli Farrell?


13 A. She was a junior.


14 Q. And what about Kristina Hill?


15 A. A junior.


16 Q. And is that something that high school


17 students commonly did, was go down University?


18 A. Uh-huh.


19 Q. And do you remember -- at that time do you


20 remember the positions that everybody was in, that Juli


21 was the driver and Kristine was the passenger and you


22 were in the back seat?


23 A. Yes. Because I remember when we were leaving


24 the house, Kristina called shotgun, which means to ride


25 in the front.








1 Q. And do you recall being up on Highway 58


2 then?


3 A. Not really, because I've been on it like so


4 many times.


5 Q. You don't specifically recall getting up on


6 that highway?


7 A. Not that night.


8 Q. Do you recall -- do you recall the accident


9 itself?


10 A. No.


11 Q. Do you know, after the accident, do you know


12 what kind of treatment that you received?


13 A. I woke up in Iowa City, and I couldn't talk


14 very much because I had these wires in my teeth, and they


15 told me that I had brain -- this brain pressure thing on


16 my head, because that's why I had my head shaved and --


17 Q. Do you know how -- when you woke up in Iowa


18 City?


19 A. No. I -- I'm guessing a week after it


20 happened.


21 Q. And did they -- did -- do you know what kind


22 of injuries you received?


23 A. Yes. I had a broken nose, broken pelvis, a


24 broken wrist and a broken tooth.


25 Q. Anything else?




1 A. Broken pelvis, broken wrist, yeah.


2 Q. Did you have -- did you have any effect to


3 your brain at all?


4 A. Oh, I had brain damage, because I hit it, and


5 they had to measure my pressure, so I have brain damage


6 now.


7 Q. Now, are you going to -- are you graduating


8 from high school this year?


9 A. I don't really know. I mean, I -- I do -- I


10 am, but I'm missing school like right now, and I might


11 have to -- one of my teachers told me that I might have


12 to go back for -- graduate with my class, but go back for


13 a week and make it up so that I know that I'm graduating.


14 Q. Okay. Now, in order for you to graduate, did


15 you get any assistance?


16 A. Yes. I went into the resource room, which is


17 with Area VII, to help me make up all my classes and help


18 me with classes I'm in now.


19 Q. And were you having any difficulty in school?


20 Were you having any difficulty with any of those


21 abilities?


22 A. I -- I can't like remember very well, because


23 I have like memory loss, and I just can't comprehend what


24 they say sometimes, and sometimes I can't see very well,


25 because when I first came back, I had to have this blue



1 shape of paper over my -- what I'm reading so the letters


2 stand out more better, but I'm kind of -- I guess I'm


3 used to how I see, so I don't use it anymore.


4 Q. I mean, I know it's hard -- ask you to


5 describe how you see.


6 A. I don't know. It's just -- it wasn't as


7 clearly as I did before the accident.


8 Q. Okay. It's different from before the


9 accident? Did you get help from Area VII before the


10 accident?


11 A. No.


12 Q. And were you, you know, well on your way to


13 graduating from high school?


14 A. Uh-huh. I was planning to -- I thought about


15 graduating early, but there wasn't a chance of it now.


16 Q. You had enough credits that you could have


17 graduated early?


18 A. Uh-huh.


19 Q. Do you know how long you stayed down in Iowa


20 City -- at Iowa City?


21 A. No. But I know I was here in Waterloo for


22 Halloween, so a couple of weeks, I guess.


23 Q. Pardon me?


24 A. A couple weeks to three weeks, I guess.


25 Q. Thank you.



1 MR. WADDING: I don't have any other


2 questions.


3 COURT: Mr. Correll?


4 MR. CORRELL: I have no questions.


5 COURT: Thank you.


6 MR. WADDING: That's all the witnesses I have


7 for today, Your Honor.


8 COURT: Okay. Have anyone ready at 9 o'clock


9 tomorrow morning?


10 MR. WADDING: Pardon?


11 COURT: 9 o'clock tomorrow morning?


12 MR. WADDING: Yeah.


13 COURT: Could we meet in chambers at the


14 conclusion today just to kind of -- for rescheduling


15 matters?


16 MR. CORRELL: For rescheduling matters.


17 COURT: All right. We'll reconvene at


18 9 o'clock in the morning. Thank you.


19 (At which time a recess was taken at


20 3:50 p.m., May 14, 1997.)




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