See also: Kleinhekesel vs. Rokes and Farrell 


May 13, 1997

"I am different from Washington (George), I have a higher, grander standard of principle. Washington could not tell a lie. I can lie, but I won't." Mark Twain.

This was a nonjury criminal trial.

Amy Abels CFPD Report
Amy Abels . . . Crash Scene Witness

Emily Rizner Brasfield CFPD Report
Emily Brasfield . . . Crash Scene Witness

DeWayne Brasfield CFPD Report
DeWayne Brasfield . . . Crash Scene Witness

Jennifer Girsch CFPD Report
Jennifer Girsch . . . Crash Scene Witness

Robert Michael CFPD Report
Robert Michael . . .Cedar Falls Police Department

Robert Anderson CFPD Report
Robert Anderson. . .Cedar Falls Police Department

Renee Whitlatch. . .Hospital Technician

Julie Glade. . .Hospital Technician
Julie Glade Hospital Technician Deposition

Diane Venenga CFPD Report
Diane Venenga CFPD Deposition
Diane Venenga. . . . Cedar Falls Police Department

Todd Wilson CFPD Report
Todd Wilson CFPD Deposition
Todd Wilson. . . Cedar Falls Police Department

Laverne Junker CFPD Report
Laverne Junker City Of Cedar Fall

John Liljegren CFPD Report

Phillip Baskerville Accident Report
Phillip Baskerville . . Deposition Black Hawk County Deputy
Phillip Baskerville . . .Black Hawk County Deputy

Edward Mowery, Jr. . .Hospital Technician

Robert Kramer . . .Cedar Falls Police Department

Tamara Rose Kleinheksel . . .Crash Victim

Geoffrey Miller, MD

Michael Rehberg . . .DCI
Linear Regression Equation--Michael Rehberg

Kristina Hill CFPD Report
Kristina Hill . . . Crash Victim

Calvin Rayburn DCI deposition
Calvin Rayburn . . .DCI

Thomas Bennett, MD

David Correll Moves for Acquittal

Frances Ostendorf Criminal Trial Deposition
Frances Ostendorf . . Mother-In-Law

Jennifer Stiehl . . .Baby Sitter

Connie Young CFPD Report
Connie Young. . .Rokes' Friend

Craig Young CFPD Report
Craig Young. . .Rokes' Friend

Scott Braun CFPD Report
Scott Braun . . .Rokes' Friend

Tracey Braun CFPD Report
Tracey Braun . . .Rokes' Friend

Lisa Bradford CFPD Report
Lisa Bradford . . .Rokes' Friend

William (Bill) Bradford CFPD Report
William (Bill) Bradford . . .Rokes' Friend

David J. Zarifis CFPD Report
David Zarifis . . .Witness

Martha Lamb . . .Hospital Technician
Martha Lamb
Emergency Room Report

Michael Berry . . .City of Cedar Falls

Delonna Rokes CFPD Report

Tracy Allen Rokes CFPD Report
Tracy Allen Rokes . . .Defendant

Richard Jensen, PhD.. . .Expert Witness Depositions
Richard Jensen, PhD. . . .Expert Witness --Testimony
Richard Jensen, PhD. . .Professional Qualifications

Decision by Judge Todd Geer

Errors in Decision by Judge Todd Geer

Gather the Information

Records -- School, Work, and Health




The "evidence" presented by the toxicological expert witness relied on the opinions of the group of friends with Mr. Rokes, all of them had been drinking alcoholic beverages that evening. Needless to say, one doesn't need to be falling down drunk to be impaired. By all accounts Mr. Rokes has had a good deal of practice with alcohol. Dr. Jensen's intoxication information is based on the breath alcohol research of Dr. Kurt Dubowski. Repeatedly breath alcohol measurements under report intoxication levels between 10 to 20% according to Dr. Kurt Dubowski. Dr. Jensen also made numerous statements concerning the unreliability of "retrograde extrapolation." However, Dr. Dubowski himself used a "linear regression analysis" in his research on breath alcohol and was evidenced in the articles Dr. Jensen produced.

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