CASE #: 96-83155

DATE: 10/07/96

LOCATION: Cedar Falls Police Department


NAME: Scott Edward Braun

DOB: 12/18/57

ADDRESS: Cedar Falls, Iowa


EMPLOYER: Performance Body's

STATEMENT TAKEN BY: Robert B. Anderson, Police Officer / AA78


I Scott Edward Braun, give the following statement to Robert B. Anderson, a known

member of the Cedar Falls Police Department, of my own freewill. Everything contained herein is true to the best of my knowledge.


On 100496, I got off work around 5:30 P.M. and was talking to my neighbor and he said

that my wife had called and that she was over at the Roke's. Later my wife, Tracey told

me that she had gotten a baby sitter and that we were going to meet with the Rokes and Connie and Craig at Brewster's if I was interested. I was thinking about going and

getting some dinner and felt that would be fine.


We left home around 6:30 P.M. and we went to the Taco Place at Falls and Ansborough Avenue. Tracey and I had dinner and we left around 8:00 P.M. When we left Rudy's we

went to Brewster's and arrived around 8:05 P.M. We walked inside and I saw

Craig, Tracy Rokes and a group of people that I recognized down by the dance floor

and I walked down to where they were at.


I ordered a beer and the baseball game was on. I talked with Tracy Rokes for awhile

and I remember talking to him about the baseball umpires and that they might strike.

While we were talking, the girls were sitting around a table. I wandered around that bar

for awhile and had walked over to Celebration's because a band was setting up. I


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walked around quite a bit and talked with people that I knew in the bar.


When I was watching Tracy Rokes I recall him having a beer in his hand but he wasn't

drinking fast or anything. I wasn't watching him or keeping track but it wasn't like a

high school keg or anything. I know that Delonna's mother was having heart problems

and we might have talked about that, but mostly it was just idle chit chat, things about



The band started playing and I tried to get everybody to move over to where the band

was playing. After a while we all went over to the Celebration's side of the bar. While

the band was playing I danced with my wife and I danced with Delonna. Tracy Rokes

also danced which kind of surprised me since he's not a big dancer. I think Delonna

wanted to go dance and that's the reason that he went. I know Delonna wanted to dance

because she asked me out first.


While I was with Delonna, I noticed that she looked kind of drained and looked upset

and I think she was trying to get her mom off her mind. I don't have any idea how

much Delonna had to drink but when we were dancing she seemed to be all right.


while we were on the Celebration's side I remember walking up to Tracy Rokes and

asking him if he needed another beer, I believe this was around 10:30, and Tracy told

me that he was good. I don't recall if he had a beer in his hand at the time. We left

Brewster's around 10:45 P.M. because we had to get home to get our baby sitter. When

we left Delonna had her hands around her face as if she was crying. I asked my wife

what was wrong and she told me that she was upset about her mother. I told everyone

good-bye and my wife and I left the bar.


On 100596 a litter after 8:00 A.M. I talked with Tracy Roke's. I told Tracy that I heard

he got in a wreck and I asked him what he was doing. I think he told me he had to

work because that is what he usually does. I asked Tracy what had happened and he

told me that he was going down the road and that Delonna had started crying and he

was trying to calm her down. He said that he had a green light or that he swore he had

a green light and the next thing he knew he saw a car and that he tried to hit the brakes

but wasn't sure if he had.


I asked him who's fault it was of if he knew and he said that he though he had a green

light and the next thing he knew he hit the vehicle. I told Tracy that it was a good thing

that he hadn't been drinking much and I asked him they checked him out. Tracy

told me that they had him take a breath test and that at the hospital they had him take

a blood test and that he had to sign a paper so that they could give him a test. I asked

Tracy where is car was at and he told me that it was towed to L&M. I told Tracy that I

was going to pick up my dad and then I would go and look at his car. This was the end of our conversation. End of Statement.






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