VICTIM'S NAME: Juli Farrell

Tamara Kleinheksel

Kristina Hill

State of Iowa




On 10/04/96 at approximately 2301 hrs. officers were

dispatched to Hwy 58 and Greenhill Rd. on the report of a 10-50

P.I. Upon arrival, I observed two vehicles resting on the shoulder

of the southwest corner of the intersection. Several people met me

as I arrived on scene and told me that three girls seated in the

blue Oldsmobile were badly injured. I noticed that there was

heavy damage on the left side of that vehicle and immediately went

to this vehicle to offer medical attention to the occupants. I was

also told by several bystanders that the driver and passenger of

the other vehicle, a silver Toyota 4Runner, appeared to be very


After coming upon the blue Oldsmobile, I saw that there were

three female occupants, with two seated in the front seat and one


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seated in the back seat. I immediately asked the driver of the

vehicle what her name is. She was, for the most part,

unresponsive, but I could hear moaning slightly. The front

seat passenger appeared to be in shock and had a bloody nose and

other minor injuries. However, she was very responsive and said

that she would be all right. I was not able to get any response from

the female seated in the back seat. She was slightly slumped over

in the seat and appeared to be bleeding heavily from the facial

area. I advised dispatch that there were multiple injuries and

more than one ambulance would be needed. A short time later,

Sartori paramedics arrived, along with Officer Venenga and Sgt.

Liljgren. As paramedics took over in providing medical attention

to the females, I spoke with three witnesses of the accident, those

being Dewayne Brasfield, Emily Rizner and Jennifer Girsch.

Brasfield and Rizner had been in the same vehicle and were

northbound on Hwy 58 when witnessing the accident. Girsch was

stopped at the red lights in the eastbound lane of Greenhill Rd.

when she witnessed it. All three witnesses said that they had

observed the silver Toyota 4Runner westbound on Greenhill Rd. They

advised that this vehicle failed to stop at the flashing red lights

and proceeded through the intersection at what they felt was a high

rate of speed. All three witnesses pointed to the same man and

woman as having been the two occupants of the Toyota and again said

the man had been the driver of the vehicle.

I then made contact with the driver and passenger of the

Toyota. The male subject produced an Iowa DL, identifying him as

Tracy Rokes. I learned the female to be his wife, Delonna Rokes.

T. Rokes was bleeding from his face but advised that he was O. K.

I immediately smelled an odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from

his person. I asked T. Rokes how much he'd had to drink and he

replied "a few" but added that he did not feel affected by the

drinks. T. Rokes said that while he was driving, he was consoling

his wife because her mother is ill and in the hospital. T. Rokes

said he did not remember seeing any flashing red lights at the


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intersection until he exited the vehicle after the accident


I followed the ambulance which transported one female victim,

T. Rokes and his wife to Sartori Hospital. There, I phoned Capt.

Lashbrook to update him on the situation. Capt. Lashbrook advised

me to request a blood specimen from T. Rokes and asked me if I had

and Implied Consent Advisory form, to which I told him I did not.

Capt. Lashbrook then advised Officer Anderson, who had Implied

Consent forms and a PBT, to meet me at the hospital. Due to

Rokes' injuries, it was determined that normal field sobriety tests

would not be appropriate. T. Rokes had a large gash on his nose

and a smaller cut over his left eye. T. Rokes was cooperative and

was fully coherent while answering questions from the nurse. Upon

request, Rokes consented to a preliminary breath test (PBT), with

the results showing a BAC of less than .10. He was then read the

Implied Consent Advisory by Officer Anderson and agreed to offer

a blood speciman. A short time later, Officer Anderson left the

hospital after it was agreed that I would stand by to witness the

blood test.

Shortly before the blood test, Rokes appeared edgy and asked

me to explain to him the form he had just signed. I

explained to him that he and signed the Implied Consent Advisory

and that he agreed to offer a speciman of blood. Rokes asked why

he had blown in the tube and I explained to him that he had

consented to a preliminary breath test which indicates whether or

not he's been drinking, but also reminded him that he had earlier

admitted to having a few drinks. Rokes then asked me what would

happen if he refused to give a blood test. I told him that he has

already signed the Implied Consent Advisory and reminded him of his

earlier statement to Officer Anderson and myself that he understood

everything that had been explained to him. I also told him that if

he refused to offer a blood speciman, a warrant requesting a

speciman of his blood would be obtained. I perceived Rokes'

actions and statements to be that he was having second thoughts on


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offering a blood test. However, Rokes said he did not plan on

refusing the blood test and that he asked only out of curiosity.

Two vials of blood were drawn from T. Rokes at 0018 hrs. by nurse

Renee Whitlatch.

While at the hospital, I learned the two female victims that

were transported to Sartori to be Tamara Kleinheksel (DOB 12/26/77)

and Juli Farrell (DOB 01/21/80). I later learned that the third

female victim had been Kristina Hill (DOB 01/01/79) and she had

been transported to Covenant Medical Center. I briefly spoke with

the families of Kleinheksel and Farrel and advised them as to what

had happened.

On 10/05/96 I learned that Kleinheksel had been transported to

Iowa City and was currently on life support. At

approximately 1915 hrs., I learned that Farrel had passed away at

Allen Hospital at 1745 hrs.

On 10/05/96 at approximately 2150 hrs., Emily Rizner came to

the P.D. to give a written statement. She said she was

driving her vehicle and was northbound on Hwy 58 with her fiance,

DeWayne Brasfield as a passenger. She said she noticed that the

lights at the intersection of Greenhill Rd. were flashing red at

about the time she was going around the final bend before reaching

the intersection. I later measured the distance of this bend in

Hwy 58 located south of the intersection of Hwy 58/Greenhill Rd.,

with the distance being .4 miles.

Rizner said she did not see the collision because she was

looking over her shoulder to make a lane change. After hearing a

loud crash, she looked to ahead to her left and saw the back of the

blue Oldsmobile going into the ditch. She saw a man getting out of

the drivers seat of the silver Toyota and a woman getting out of

the passenger seat. Rizner said that her fiance went to help the

girls in the Oldsmobile while she asked the woman from the Toyota

if she was O.K. The woman told Rizner that her fiance went to help the

girls in the Oldsmobile while she asked the woman from the Toyota

if she was O.K. The woman told Rizner that she was alright but

stated that the girls in the other car needed help. Rizner went to

the Oldsmobile and assisted with the female in the front passenger


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On 10/06/96 at approximately 1520 hrs. Jennifer Girsch came to

the P.D. to give a written statement. Girsch said that she was the

lone occupant of her vehicle traveling east on Greenhill Rd. She

said she noticed the red flashing lights at the intersection long

before arriving at the intersection, she saw silver truck

traveling west on Greenhill Rd. at what she felt was a high rate

of speed and also saw a blue Oldsmobile traveling south on Hwy 58.\

She witnesses the collision shortly before stopping at the

intersection and saw both vehicles come to a rest on the shoulder

of the road. Girsch then called 911 from her cellular phone.

While she was calling 911, she saw a male exit the driver's set of

the Toyota and a woman exit the same vehicle from the passenger

side. Girsch said the two were very unbalanced and added that the

man had to hold the woman to keep her from falling. Girsch said

that a short time later, the man explained to her they were having

trouble with his wifes' mother and they were not paying attention

to the road. The man said to Girsch "I guess it's our fault."

Girsch then went to the blue Oldsmobile to offer assistance with

the three females. She said the front seat passenger was

attempting to exit the vehicle and asking what happened. Girsch

said an older gentleman with gray hair, possibly in his 60's, had

knelt down next to the driver of the vehicle and offered

assistance. Girsch heard the driver moaning but did not talk to

her. She said that when police and ambulance arrived, the older

gentleman got back into his vehicle and left.

Grisch advised that her vehicle had sustained damage from

flying glass of the accident. I observed her vehicle and saw that

the hood was badly chipped. Damage is estimated at approximately



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At approximately 2140 hrs., DeWayne Brasfield came to the P.D.

to give a written statement. Because Brasfield was a passenger

with Rizner, his statement was very similar to hers. SEE STATEMENT










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