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Sgt Philip Baskerville
Black Hawk County Sheriff's Office

Hall: A reconstructionist for the sheriff's office. In 1994 completed a board certification and testing for reconstruction. Has testified 20 times in criminal and civil trials. He was contacted by Sgt Wilson, went to the scene for measurements, etc. Reviewed the case file, examined the vehicles, etc. He checked for use of seat belts, lights, interior of vehicles, and so on. On the Olds he took measurements of damage; length of vehicle, damage penetration, driver's side received contact damage--"extensive damage" 331/2" to 17" of penetration depth. He pulled tail light break light covers off. Lights will show if they were on or off. Speedometer wedged in at 67--not significant at this point. Couldn't tell if the break lights were on or off, seat belts inconclusive.

Toyota--tire tracking wheel base. Primary damage to front. Lighting of the vehicle--one front light on, rear lights, no abnormalities, didn't indicate they were or or the breaks were on. air bags deployed, seat belts not used.

Sgt. Wilson and he went to the scene Oct 31, 1996. Did a scale diagram. Gouge tire marks and road dimensions. Skid marks in photo are not related. Gouge marks the car pushed down with metal scraping the road? Yes. Area of impact out bound lane of 58 west bound lane of Greenhill.

Baskerville's scale diagram of intersection was done in February, 1997. Blue lines are gouge marks, black lines are tire marks. Tires moving sideways. There were no skid marks for either vehicle. No break marks for either vehicle. Measurements--drag factor test. Coefficient of friction is the slipperiness of the road, slide the tire with a spring scale with 50 pounds on it. Done to determine approach, departure speeds, weights, after impact speeds. Weight of the vehicles for a STAT sheet, manufacturers specification and weights of occupants. Cargo? No. Speed range at impact--Farrell 49-63 mph. Rokes 36-45. Range cannot exactly say what the approach and departure angles were or the after impact speed. The speed are correlated 36-49/45-63 factoring of conservation of momentum formula.

Yagla: Was there any evasive movement prior to the impact. The impact angle for Rokes was 81 degrees with a 68 degree approach, 13 degree difference. He turned prior to impact to the left. Normal maneuver of a driver expected movements of drivers are limited. They focus on what you are trying to avoid. Reflexively turn to the left of the vehicle which was coming from the left. Were the break lights on? Neither evidence of them on or off, couldn't be positive.

Hellman: Light of breaks inconclusive, 70% chance there were no breaks. Did Juli Farrell use her breaks? Couldn't tell for sure. Didn't ask the witnesses? No. Variables of the approach, departure angles could vary by a few degrees? Not much difference. Juli swerved her vehicle 15 degrees to the southwest at the onset of the collision? 15 degrees was what the Rokes vehicle pushed her over. Crush damage to determine the angles of the impact. Opinion of the range of vehicles--not an exact science. 49-63 mph at 55 mph, not inconsistent with her driving at or below the speed limit.

Perception time--time you see something. Reaction time to reaction of something perceived. Time it takes a person to perceive. Reaction time--you see soothing, identify it, decide what to do and do it. There are simple and complex reaction times. Simple is 3/4 of a second, complex 1.5 seconds. Did he interview Amy Abels, Jennifer Girsch, the Brasfields? No he didn't read the statements or interview these people. Hellman adds up all the other vehicles. Look at everything that is going on. Rokes maintained he was going 40-45. But he told a nurse at Sartori he was going 50 mph. (this was almost yelled). Some people in the jury flinched at this. At 45 mph you travel 66'/second, at 50 mph you travel 73'/second; at 55 mph its 80'/second, 49 mph is close to the 50 mph which is 73'/second.

Hall: people have a tendency to steer in direction they are looking? Yes. Baskerville connected scaled vehicles to reconstruct the scene.

Yagla: Evasive action taken by Juli? No. 15 degrees to the SW, 15 degrees a result of the impact.

Hellman: 15 degree angle at the onset of the collision for Farrell vehicle. Did you or did you not testify to that in a previous deposition? Hellman shows him the previous testimony. Yes. Did you question the witnesses? No.

Hall: No questions.

Yagla: No questions.

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