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DATE: 10-04-96


OFFICER: Sgt. Baskerville




On 10-04-97 at approximately 2300 Hrs., there was a motor vehicle accident at the intersection of

HWY 58 and Greenhill Road in Cedar Falls. A vehicle driven by Tracy Rokes was west bound on

Greenhill Road. A vehicle driven by Juli Farrell was south bound on Hwy 58. The investigation

of the accident indicated that Mr. Rokes disobeyed the stop light that controlled his travel

direction. Julie Farrell die as a result of the collision and several people were injured.


I was contracted by Sgt. Todd Wilson of the Cedar Falls Police Department. Sgt. Wilson asked if

I could help with the investigation. The assistance would be limited to determine the speed of

the vehicles involved. I was supplied with various reports that were on file with the Cedar Falls

Police Department.


On 10-19-96, I went to L& M Towing to examine the vehicles. They were both in a fence secured

area to the rear. The Farrell vehicle was a 1988 Olds Cutlass Ciera, LIC/LIL370. The left side of

the car had extensive damage. The damage and dimensions of the care were measured and

recorded. An examination of the drivers seat belt gave no appearance that it was on at the time of

the collision. The right rear tail lamp was examined for distortion to the filaments and there was

not any distortion. The speedometer needle is wedge in about the 67 MPH area. The plastic

speedometer needle in place. The Rokes' vehicle was a 1996 Toyota 4Runner Limited. The

license plates had been removed. The VIN number was JT3HN87R6T0012802. This vehicle had

front damage pushed in and right to left. The front right wheel assembly was broken off. I

measured and recorded the damage and dimensions of the vehicle. There was not indication that

the seat belts were loaded at the time of the collision. Both the driver and passenger air bags had

been deployed. Both rear tail lamps were examined for abnormalities to the filaments. There

were no signs of distortion.


On 10-28-96, both vehicles were taken to the Black Hawk county Sheriff's Office impound

grange for storage.


On 10-31-97, I met with Sgt. Wilson at the accident scene. He showed me the impact area and

the location of the final rest for both vehicles. He indicated that tire-marks from a previous

accident were not related to this accident. There were several gouge marks in the road that show

where the impact of this collision happened. Impact occurred in the outside lane for southbound


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traffic and in an area of the inside lane for westbound traffic. These marks were measured and

recorded. Using a 58-pound drag tire, I measured the coefficient of friction of the road surface.

The geographical layout of the road was measured.


Traffic signals control the intersection of Hwy 58 and Greenhill Road. Both roads are multiple

lane roads with center dividers. It is a concrete surfaced road. The area is somewhat rural as

there are not any buildings in the vicinity of the intersection. There are not any concerns of

visibility. The intersection is level. Hwy 58 is level. The approach of Greenhill Road to the

intrusion is a down hill approach from both east and west to the level traversing area of Hwy



On 02-06-97 I examined the speedometer face plates of both vehicles with various light sources.

The purpose of the examination was to see if there is any transfer to the face plate from the

speedometer needle upon impact. There was no associated marks found in the Rokes' vehicle.

The examination was done without removing the clear dust cover. I removed the broken pieces

of plastic that were in place around the speedometer of Ms. Farrell's car. As I was removing

them the needle fell back to "zero." Using various light sources I could see two marks. One was

in the area of 61 MPH and the other 67 MPH. These marks likely came from small pieces of

plastic from the dust cover and not needle slap.


Speed of these vehicles is determined from the physics principle of conservation of momentum.

For speed determination, the following information is considered: the approach angle of the

vehicles to one another, the angle of departure from impact, the after impact speeds and the

weights of the vehicles. Using this information, a range of speed for both vehicles can be

established. Mr. Rokes' vehicle would be 36 MPH to 45 MPH at impact. Ms. Farrell's vehicle

would be 49 MPH to 63 MPH at impact. If Mr. Rokes' vehicle was 36 MPH at impact, Ms.

Farrell's was 49 MPH. If Mr. Rokes' vehicle was 45 MPH at impact, Ms. Farrell's was 63 MPH.


Sgt. Philip Baskerville (signed)


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