Enforcement and Justice Services (National District Attorneys Association), through funding from NHTSA, provides technical assistance and legal research to prosecutors, judges and law enforcement agencies on: Standardized Field Sobriety. Tests (horizontal gaze nystagmus), Drug Evaluation and Classification Program (DEC), ALR, vehicular homicide, crash reconstruction, implied consent, impoundment, forfeiture, breath/blood testing, passive breath testing, zero alcohol tolerance and many other highway safety related topics to ensure good court decisions and case law. The clearinghouse contains: case law, model legislation, research studies, state statutes, training materials, trial documents, and a directory of professionals who work in the fields of crash reconstruction, toxicology, drug recognition, and others.

The NTLC publishes a quarterly newsletter, BETWEEN THE LINES (listed under publications), which highlights current highway safety related legal issues. Prior Convictions in DUI Prosecutions: A Prosecutor's Guide to Prove Out-of-State DUI/DWI Convictions (2nd Edition), and the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus: The Science and The Law, a resource guide for judges, prosecutors and law enforcement on horizontal gaze nystagmus as a component of NHTSA's Standardized Field Sobriety Testing program. A cooperative effort through NHTSA by NTLC, and the National Association of Prosecutor Coordinators produced Administrator's Guide for Trial Advocacy Training Course: a complete guide for planning and conducting Prosecution of Driving while Under the Influence, Prosecuting the Drugged Driver, Lethal Weapon: DUI Homicide courses, and Impeachment Checklist.

NDAA (National District Attorneys Association) publishes a number of helpful document for prosecutors on "Basic Trial Techniques for Prosecutors". "Breath testing for Prosecutors", "Alcohol Toxicology for Prosecutors", "Overcoming Impaired Driving Defenses" and more plus information on expert witnesses.

Resources on Impaired Driving such as HGn - Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus, Breath Testing, Ignition Interlocks, Drug Evaluation and Classification.

To read or sign up for their newsletter "Between the Lines" newsletters and past issues.

Volume 21, Number 3 "Impaired Driving Crash Scene" article on how the crash scene of a vehicular homicide and things to plan for in advance.


updated 12/20/16