Dear Drunk Driver,

Tonight you went to a party and had a drink
You got so wasted you forgot to think
I am with my best friend in your sight
you didn't stop at the intersection you went right through it
That's when I am driving through at the same time and got hit
The sound of it all makes my eardrums blast
Of the crunching metal and the shattering glass
We are hit so hard we are knocked off the road
My friend and I are trapped inside such a heavy load
We are rolling over and over I don't know how much
I got jammed in the stomach and I just lost my lunch
It all happened so suddenly, the time it takes to blink
There was barely any time for me to even think
It is so dark now that I can barely even see
As I struggle and try to pry myself free
My head hurts and my left arm looks weird
I look at my friend and see what I feared
I wanted to see if she could get out
But she isn't moving and I realize she has been knocked out
She is breathing real bad, I know something is wrong
But I'm trying to hang in there, trying to be strong
I try and try to pull her along with me
But I just can't seem to pull her free
I look at my smashed car and wonder how
The ambulance crew has come along and is pulling her free
There is so much blood over her that I don't want to see
The lights are flashing bright blue and red
Then I realize there is also blood dripping from my head
I overhear someone say that it won't be long till she will die
And they pull me away before I can even say good-bye
They all know my friend is in so much trouble so
We are rushed to the hospital on the double
Now I am at her funeral thinking it should be you in her place
My best friend is gone and the tears roll down my already tear-stained face
They are lowering her casket six feet under
Then I begin to sob and wonder
I wonder why you should be able to be alive
When you killed her when you decided to drink and drive
We both don't drink and drugs we don't take
So why are we the one's to pay for you stupid mistake
The pain of my best friend gone stabs me like a knife
I hope you live with this memory each and every day of your life
I know I will for many, many years to come
Because she was a friend like no other one,


Juli Farrell

Juli wrote this for a Driver's Education class she took in the Summer of 1995. I found this after she died when I was going through her things looking for achievement certificates and honors she received.

updated 12/20/16