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Anheuser-Busch and Miller Brewing Lawsuits


CRIME LIABILITY REPORTER, a publication of the National Crime Victim Bar Association, an affiliate of the National Center for Victims of Crime.
In the CRIME LIABILITY REPORTER , 10 (2), 2006: 4-5. Includes articles such as: "Bar may be liable after intoxicated patron rapes and murders woman" (Iowa) and "Assault by unidentified patron may give rise to liability" (Iowa) dram shops liability for intoxicating their customers.

FINDLAW (index)--A collection of searchable and browsable Supreme Court cases dating back to 1906. Findlaw also has one of the Net's best collections of links to federal, state, and international legal resources.

LAWYERS.COM (lawyer location by geographical area and area of expertise)

LEGAL ETHICS and list of states with forms for filing a complaint and provides listings for each state of contacts within the state bar association and the state court system.

See also: Jury - Contains an expert witness directory http:/

Jury Verdict Research--this service searches through newspapers, state bar association journals for jury verdict awards, expert witnesses searches, and more at

LRP Publications does case evaluations and publishes legal and expert witness materials.

MARTINDALE-HUBBELL LAW Includes data on virtually every attorney in the U. S.; biographies of lawyers (approx. 900,000) and firms -- with detailed descriptions of each firm; a listing of international lawyers -- with profiles of lawyers and firms in 160 foreign countries, as well as U. S. firms with international interests; information on almost every in-house lawyer and corporate legal department; exclusive lawyer and law firm ratings based upon peer review evaluations; law digests of the U. S. and 75 countries -- prepared by leading law firms; details on legal market suppliers and service firms -- such as court reporters, private investigators, title search companies and expert witnesses; plus information on government attorneys, law schools, state bar associations, and much more Martindale-Hubbell law directory, 121 Chanlon Rd., New Providence, NJ 07972.

NOLO - their mission is to make America's legal system accessible to everyone

National Traffic Law Center
APRI-American Prosecutors Research Institute
publishes a number of helpful document for prosecutors on "Basic Trial Techniques for Prosecutors". "Breath testing for Prosecutors", "Alcohol Toxicology for Prosecutors", "Overcoming Impaired Driving Defenses" and more plus information on expert witnesses.


SHEPHERD'S--cite checking, coverage of case law, federal and state statutes (all 50 states including District of Columbia and Puerto Rico), federal regulations, court rules and even law reviews and U. S. patents. Now part of LEXIS.

STATE CODES--many States have their state code available from their state's home page on the Internet. Many states are now making the full-text of their laws available on the World Wide Web. Other places to look for your state code are:
--Cornell University Legal Information Institute.
legal databases which include the text of legal cases, statutes, and laws review articles as well as legislation, briefs, regulations, and the like. Researchers are available to do requests for interested persons.

Other Resources:
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