Most public libraries, university, college, community college, some high school, state, and some specialized libraries participate in interlibrary Loans. The State Library of Iowa, has developed a Web-based on-line catalog called SILO--State of Iowa Libraries on-line. This data base may be searched by anyone.

Special libraries such as a State Library actively collect materials dealing with their state--historical, industrial, economic, and authors who write about their state or live in that state. College and University libraries actively collect documents published by their professional staff, students, and departments and agencies connected with their institution. Many college and university library catalogs may be accessed through the Internet to show their holdings. To obtain access to these materials, even if you live in another state, you may have to pay a small fee for postage and photocopying.

Interlibrary loans may be placed only by participating libraries. Books may be borrowed from libraries within or out-of-state, however, magazine or journal articles are available only from sources within the state. When searching a state online catalog, one may locate items of interest, then request them for loan from one's local public library. If a loan is not possible, consider visiting them. One should check before paying a visit, that the desired item is available and request the item be held at the desk. There is usually no cost for the interlibrary loan. The only requirements are to return the item in the same condition as received and on time. If more time is needed, have the librarian contact the lender, this can often be arranged. Many large city, community college, and university libraries have their own websites with phone numbers, addresses, and hours posted.

Check the your state's home page to find the library resources available, or visit the State of Wisconsin's State Libraries page for a list of State Library web sites.


updated 12/19/16