Crash Reconstruction Photo

Preliminary Report

Pursuant to your request, I have prepared this preliminary report regarding the two-vehicle accident which occurred October 4, 1996 in Black Hawk County which resulted in serious injuries to Juli Farrell. In the course of my investigation, I have reviewed the following materials:

  • Iowa Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Accident Report No. 96-83155;
  • Cedar Falls Police Division Accident Investigation Division file which includes statement give by Jennifer Girsch, Tracy Rokes, Delonna Rokes, Emily Rizner, Dewayne Brasfield, Scott Braun, David Zarifis, Amy Abels, and Kristina Hill;
  • Color laser copies of photographs taken at the accident scene by the Cedar Falls police;
  • Road intersection and the Greenhill Road/Hwy. 58 intersection generated by the Cedar Falls Department of Public Works;
  • Accident investigation file from Phillip Baskerville.

In addition, I visited the accident site on December 2, 1997 and performed an inspection which included a line-of-site visibility study, documentation of roadway evidence and an aerial photograph of the intersection. A photographic log of my work that day is enclosed.

My preliminary findings are the following:

1. The condition of the traffic control at the time of the accident was a flashing yellow light for northbound and southbound traffic on Hwy. 58 and a flashing red light for eastbound and westbound traffic on Greenhill road.

2. The proximate cause of the collision between the 1988 Oldsmobile Cutlass driven by Juli Farrell and the 1996 Toyota 4-Runner driven by Tracy Rokes was Mr. Rokes' failure to observe and heed a flashing red light as he approached the intersection of Greenhill Road and Hwy 58.

3. Mr. Rokes was inattentive as he approached the intersection as he failed to observe the flashing red light and failed to observe cross-traffic on Hwy. 58 as he approached. Both the flashing light and cross-traffic were visible from a substantial distance prior to the intersection.

4. The physical evidence is consistent with the Oldsmobile traveling 55 mph just before impact and the Toyota traveling 45 mph just before impact.

(Rokes told the person at Sartori that he may have been traveling 55 mph. See statement by Martha Lamb and her Emergency Room Report. note by WF)

I have enclosed an AIRMAP layout which depicts the intersection, the rest position of the vehicles, the physical evidence on the roadway as documented by the police, the point of impact and the approach of the two vehicles. Certain aspects of the AIRMAP layout may change as additional evidence is produced during discovery.

John Goebelbecker, P. E.
Senior Mechanical Engineer


updated 12/16/16