Voluntary Statement


Name: David J. Zarifis

Address: 4119 Southlawn Road

Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613


Work: University of Northern Iowa

Department of Public Safety

102 Gilchrist Hall, Cedar Falls, Iowa 50614


Date: October 14, 1996


On the evening of October 4, 1996 at approximately 11:00 p.m,

I left my residence at 4119 Southlawn Road in Cedar Falls to pick

my son up from work at the Ryder Shop located in the new Cedar

Falls Industrial Park area.


I left my residence and traveled to the intersection of S.

Main and Greenhill Road. I made a right hand turn, and after

turning, I noticed the traffic lights on Hwy. 58 and Greenhill Road

were in a flashing mode for Westbound traffic on Greenhill Road.


As I was approaching the intersection, I noticed a tan colored

vehicle along the West side of the east bound lane of Greenhill

Road. I also observed a blue vehicle setting in the SW corner of

the intersection on the grass area. The blue vehicle was facing

North. I could also observe two or three other vehicles parked

along side the and near the blue vehicle.


I pulled onto the West side of Hwy. 58 once through the

intersection. I asked the people by the blue passenger vehicle if

anyone was injured. When they responded yes, I went back to my van

and called to ensure help was on the way. I called UNI Public

Safety to have the accident information passed along. I was

advised at that time that notification was already made and

assistance was in rout.


I exited the van and walked over around to the blue Cutlass

which was on the grass facing North. I could observe four people

still inside the vehicle. Several other people were with the

females in the car. I turned and noticed a white male and white

female standing on the median just West of the intersection. The

male had blood on his face. I walked over to them and asked if he


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was ok, and if he wanted to sit down until help arrived. He stated

that he was fine, and asked of the passengers in the vehicle were

ok. I told him that help was coming and that it would be alright.


After peaking with this subject, traffic picked up and I then

moved around the intersection to assist traffic so no further

damage or accidents would occur prior to the arrival of the police

and other emergency personnel.


I was at the scene for not more than 4 to 5 minutes when

emergency vehicles started arriving on the scene. I spoke briefly

to the first officers on the scene and advised them of what I

observed once on the scene. I waited for a few more minutes to

make sure I was not required at the scene. By this time,

paramedics, CF Fire Rescue, and others were there to handle the



I left the scene and went to the Ryder Shop and picked up my

son and returned home. The emergency personnel were still on the

scene and attempting to extract people from the blue car on my

return. I did not stop at the scene upon my return.


Dave Zarifis (signed) 10/14/96

updated 12/16/16