VICTIM'S NAME: Juli Farrell

Tamara Kleinheksel

Kristina Hill

State of Iowa




On 10-04-96 around 2300 hours, Officers were dispatched to a

10-50 PI at HWY 58 and Greenhill Rd. Upon arrival Fire, Paramedics

and other officers were already at the scene around a blue

Oldsmobile. This vehicle was completely off of the roadway facing

north. The vehicle was positioned in the grass at the SW corner of

the intersection. As I got closer I saw three female occupants in

the vehicle. Two were positioned in the front seat on one female

was in the back seat. Fire and paramedics were trying to get them


The other vehicle, a silver Toyota 4Runner, did not have any

one in it. This vehicle was partially off the roadway. This

vehicle was also facing North. I saw a man with blood and small

lacerations on his face. This man was identified as the driver of

the Toyota, later identified as Tracy Rokes (07-13-61). T Rokes

had a passenger, his wife, Delonna Rokes (06-27-65) with him. I

asked T. Rokes which direction he was going. He told me he was

going West on Greenhill Rd. T. Rokes said he did not see the other


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car until the last second. He said then it was too late.


Three witnesses gave information about themselves and the

accident to Officer Michaels. A witness told me that the Toyota

had a flashing red light going west on Greenhill. Witnesses said

that he did not stop and went threw the intersection colliding with

the Oldsmobile. The names of the witnesses are on the accident



Fire and Paramedics got the back seat passenger out first.

This person was later identified as Tamara Kleinheksel (12-26-77)

also transported in this ambulance to Sartori Hospital. Officer

Michaels followed the ambulance to Sartori Hospital. Officer

Michael followed the ambulance because he suspected T. Rokes had

been drinking.


I assisted with fire and paramedics on getting the other two

females out of the Oldsmobile. Once out of the car the front

passenger, later identified as Kristina Hill (01-01-79), was

transported to Covenant by Sartori paramedics. The Driver, later

identified as Juli Farrell (01-21-80), was transported to Sartori.


After the ambulance left the scene, I assisted Sergeant

Wilson with measurements for this traffic investigation. Also

during this time Sergeant Liljegren took photographs of the scene.


When the measurements and photographs were done, I got the

vehicle registrations from the Oldsmobile and Toyota. Sergeant

Wilson and I left the scene and went to Sartori hospital. Sergeant

Liljegren stayed at the scene waiting or L&M Towing.


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At the hospital we spoke with the driver of the blue

Oldsmobile, Juli Farrell (01-21-80). Farrell had several small

lacerations on her had. She also has some broken ribs. Farrell

said that she and her friends were watching movies at a friend's

house. Farrell asked where the accident occurred. She said she did

not remember very much. Once she knew the intersection she said

she was driving and some guy plowed into her. Farrell told us that

it was not her fault. Farrell said she and her friends had not

been drinking.

Sergeant Wilson and I left and hold her that we would be in

contact with her next week.


Sergeant Wilson and I also talked with Farrell's mother at the

hospital. A Farrell's mother gave me their address and phone number.

She also old me that the other two women with Juli were Tami and

Kristina. I told her I would be in contact with her next week to

have Juli come to the station for a statement.


The Rokes, Tracy and Delonna, were still at the hospital when

we were there. Sergeant Wilson asked T. Rokes what had happened,

referring to the accident itself. T. Rokes said he just had one too

many to drink. Sergeant Wilson asked him more specifically about

his direction of travel. T. Rokes said he was west bound and

thought the light was green. He said he went threw the

intersection and looked up and saw the other car. He said it was

too late to step on the brakes. T. Rokes said he did not notice

the lights flashing until after the accident. D. Rokes said she

was upset about her mother's illness and was not paying attention.

D. Rokes said she did not know what the lights were doing.

T. Rokes received some stitches in his face. D. Rokes told

me she had some back pain. The Rokes need a ride home. I

received a copy of the implied consent form that T. Rokes went over

with Officer Anderson when he arrived at the hospital. I got my

other notes in order and then transported the Rokes home, 2622 Ryan


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Dr. An odor of an alcoholic beverage was coming from them when we

were walking to the car and stronger once inside the vehicle.

The Rokes were taken home. I explained to them that I would

be calling them next week and have them come down to the station

for statements.


Sartori told me while I was there that another female from the

accident was transported to Covenant. I went to the station land

called Covenant. I got the information of the two females

passengers in the accident. Covenant game me the names of

Kristina Hill (01-01-79) and Tami Kleinheksel (12-26-77). I was

told that Tami was in serious condition with a concussion and

swelling in the brain. I was also told that Kristina was being

treated for a broken jaw.


As of 10-05-96 at 0200 hours the three women in the Oldsmobile

were still in the hospital.


As of 10-05-96 at 1815 hours, I was informed that Juli Farrell

has passed away at 1745 hours at Allen hospital. At about this

time I was also told that Tami Kleinheksel was taken to Iowa City

and was on full life support. Sergeant Wilson was called in. Once

Wilson arrived he called the Rokes and asked them to come to the

station for statements. Wilson also made contact with Kristina

Hill's family and asked that Kristina come in for a statement.

Wilson said he would call the Hills when he was done talking with

the Rokes.

Tracy and Delonna Rokes arrived at the station around 1930

hours. Sergeant Wilson and I informed them about Juli Farrell.

The Rokes were surprised and upset about Farrell's death.

Sergeant Wilson asked that each one give a statement.


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Sergeant Wilson left the investigative unit with Tracy. I stayed

in there and took a statement from Delonna. Delonna was read the

Miranda Rights and Waiver Form. She signed the form and agreed to

give me a statement.

Delonna Rokes said that Tracy and her went out that night to

Broosters. She said they were at the bar from 2000 hours till

around 2300 hours. Delonna said she had around 6 beers. She did

not know how many beers Tracy had. Delonna said they left

Broosters and took Greenhill Rd. Delonna said she was crying

because her mother was in the hospital. She said Tracy was talking

to her and holding her hand. Delonna said she did not notice the

intersection or the traffic lights at Greenhill and HWY 58. She

said she did not notice the other car until she heard Tracy say "Oh

Shit". Delonna said that after the accident Tracy told her that

his light was green.

After the accident, Delonna said she did not remember much.

Delonna said she remembers going to the hospital to get checked out

and then going home. Delonna told me her only injuries were sore

and stiff shoulders.

When Delonna was done with her statement she waited in the

lobby for her husband. After Sergeant Wilson was done with Tracy,

the Rokes left the police station.


Around this time, Officer Anderson told me it was confirmed

that the lights at Greenhill and HWY 58 went to flashing at 2200

hours. The flashing yellow is for the north/south traffic on HWY

58 and the flashing red is for east/west traffic on Greenhill. I

was told the lights do not just change to flashing they cycle



Around 2150 hours, the Hill family arrived at the station.

Kristina said she did not have a broken jaw. She said that she got

20 stitches in her chin, a few loose teeth, bruising from the seat

belt, and a sore stomach. Kristina said she would give us a

statement and her parents left the investigative unit during this



Kristina told me she and Juli were having pizza at her house.

Kristina said Tami called and that she wanted them to go over to a

friend's house to watch a movie. Kristina and Juli agreed and Tami

drove to Kristina's house. Once she arrived around 1900 hours they

left in Juli's car and rove to University Avenue to cruise around.

Kristina said they drove a little bit and them went to watch the

movie. Kristina said after the movie they cruised University one

more time and then headed for her house at 700 W. Ridgeway.

Kristina said they took HWY 58 from University. Kristina said

she was the front seat passenger. She said Juli was driving and

Tami was in the back seat in the middle and/or behind Juli.

Kristina said that Juli and herself were wearing their seat belts.

Kristina said she had it on but had the shoulder strap behind her

head. Kristina said she did not remember much about the accident

except for the flashing lights.

Kristina said after the accident, Tami was unconscious in the

back seat. Kristina said she and Juli were alert and talking to

one another right after the accident. Kristina said did not

remember anything else about the accident. Kristina left the

police station with her parents.


This is the extent of my involvement in this accident. I have

included the 10-28's on both vehicles, statements from Delonna

Rokes and Kristina Hill and the State Accident Report. Other

Officers and Sergeants will include their supplements.



REPORTING OFFICER: Diane M. Venenga (VA82)


update 12/15/16