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13 Q. Will you state your name, please.

14 A. Craig Young.

15 Q. And what is your address, sir?

16 A. 3231 Abraham Drive in Cedar Falls.

17 Q. And is your wife Connie?

18 A. Yes.

19 Q. And is she the person who just left the

20 courtroom after testifying?

21 A. Yes, she was.

22 Q. Are you employed, sir?

23 A. Yep.

24 Q. And would you indicate where it is that

25 you're employed?


1 A. Walgreens Pharmacy.

2 Q. And what is the nature of your employment

3 with the Walgreen Pharmacy?

4 A. I'm a pharmacist.

5 Q. And how long have you been employed as a

6 pharmacist for the Walgreen Pharmacy here in Waterloo?

7 A. Ten years.

8 Q. Is -- is it correct that on October 4 you and

9 your wife did not have any children?

10 A. That's correct.

11 Q. And you've had a child that was born in

12 November of 1996; is that correct?

13 A. Yes.

14 Q. About how far would you say you live from the

15 Rokes home?




16 A. Three blocks.

17 Q. Okay. And do you know my client, Tracy

18 Rokes, and his wife, Delonna Rokes?

19 A. Yes.

20 Q. Would you indicate how it was that you came

21 to be introduced to those people?

22 A. My wife was friends with Delonna, and that's

23 how I met Tracy and Delonna.

24 Q. In turn asking you -- let me ask you this.

25 About how long would you estimate that you've known the



1 Rokeses?

2 A. Seven years.

3 Q. With regard to the Friday, October 4, 1996,

4 did you learn about an evening out that the girls had

5 planned?

6 A. No, not until after work.

7 Q. And where were you when you first learned it?

8 A. At home.

9 Q. Okay. And who did you learn it from

10 A. My wife, Connie.

11 Q. Now, at some point in time did -- were you

12 contacted after October 4 by Cedar Falls police officers?

13 A. Yes, I was.

14 Q. And did they come out to your house, or did

15 they ask you to go down to the -- their police station to

16 talk to them?

17 A. I went down to the police station.

18 Q. And is that what they asked you to do?

19 A. Yes.

20 Q. And did they ask you about what happened

21 regarding the October -- Friday, October 4?

22 A. Yeah, they did.

23 Q. And did you tell them what happened?

24 A. Yes, I did.

25 Q. With regard to that October 4, I believe this



1 record has reflected that that's a Friday night. And

2 when you got in your home, what were you told about where

3 you guys were going to go that night?

4 A. We were going to go to Brooster's.

5 Q. And what was your understanding as to who, if

6 anybody, you were going to meet once you got to

7 Brooster's?

8 A. Tracy and Delonna and Scott and Tracy Braun

9 and Bill and Lisa Bradford.

10 Q. Okay. And are you all couples who have done

11 things together before in the past?

12 A. Yes.

13 Q. With regard to the time you left -- or left

14 your home and arrived at Brooster's, approximately what

15 time would those both have been, your leaving and

16 departure --

17 A. We left around 7 and got there around quarter

18 after 7.

19 Q. Okay. And when you got there, the three

20 other couples, who was the first couple to arrive?

21 A. We were.

22 Q. And who was the second couple to arrive?

23 A. Bill and Lisa.

24 Q. And restate their last name.

25 A. Bradford.


1 Q. Is that B-R-A-D-F-O-R-D?

2 A. Yes.

3 Q. About how much time went by from the time you

4 got there until the Bradfords got there?

5 A. About 15 minutes.

6 Q. And who was the next couple to arrive?

7 A. Tracy and Delonna Rokes.

8 Q. And about what time would you estimate that

9 Tracy and Delonna got to Brooster's.

10 A. About quarter to 8.

11 Q. And at the time did another couple come then

12 after the Rokeses?

13 A. Yeah. Scott and Tracey Braun got there at 8

14 or a little after.

15 Q. Okay. And in your own words, would you

16 describe to the court how the -- the eight of you divided

17 up. What happened?

18 A. Okay. The guys were all together and the

19 women were all together in groups -- four guys were

20 together and the four women were together.

21 Q. Were the four guys generally in the general

22 proximity of the women, or were you in an altogether

23 different part of the place?

24 A. No, we were rather close.

25 Q. Okay. And when you were in your group, did



1 you pay any attention at all in the Brooster's

2 establishment to Delonna Rokes?

3 A. Not much.

4 Q. Okay. Did you observe her do anything or say

5 anything that caused you to believe in the Brooster's

6 side that she was upset?

7 A. No, not on the Brooster's side.

8 Q. Okay. Now, what -- what did you guys talk

9 about, or what did you guys do on the Brooster's side

10 A. The baseball playoffs were on, so we were

11 talking about that and I believe about golfing and then

12 just some other small talk.

13 Q. Were there any t.v.s or that you paid any

14 attention to, do you remember?

15 A. Yeah. There was.

16 Q. And was there anything that you recall that

17 was on the t.v.?

18 A. The baseball playoffs were on.

19 Q. Okay. Did there -- while you were there on

20 the Brooster's side, did you see Tracy Rokes consume any

21 beer?

22 A. Yeah, I did.

23 Q. And did you see -- did you keep count, or did

24 you count or -- how many beers, if more than one, that

25 you saw him drink?



1 A. No. I don't know a number that he drank.

2 I -- I would say one -- one probably on the Brooster's

3 side, but I'm not sure.

4 Q. Okay. With regard to when you were on the

5 Brooster's side, did you see him do anything that led you

6 to believe he was drinking to excess?

7 A. No.

8 Q. Did there ever become a point in time where

9 the group of eight of you moved over to the Celebrations

10 side?

11 A. Yeah. Around -- probably around 10 o'clock.

12 Q. Okay. And what, as far as your under-

13 standing, what was the reason to go from Brooster's over

14 to Celebrations?

15 A. There was a band playing on the other side.

16 Q. And what happened once you got over there

17 with your group?

18 A. Over there we -- all eight of us were

19 probably together then, and then some people were

20 dancing.

21 Q. Were the eight of you standing -- basically

22 standing watching the dance floor

23 A. Yeah.

24 Q. Okay. While you were over on the

25 Celebrations side, did you have any conversation with



1 Tracy Rokes?

2 A. Yeah. I talked to him over there.

3 Q. Okay. And while you were on the Celebrations

4 side, did you ever observe anything about his demeanor

5 that caused you to believe that he was in any way

6 intoxicated?

7 A. No, I didn't.

8 Q. Did you see anything that caused you to

9 believe that he was under the influence --

10 A. No.

11 Q. -- of any alcohol?

12 A. No.

13 Q. Did he say anything inappropriate,

14 unresponsive?

15 A. No.

16 Q. Did he slur his words to any -- at all?

17 A. No.

18 Q. Does he have a different complexion than you

19 do?

20 A. No.

21 Q. Is his face the same color as yours, or is it

22 more red than yours?

23 A. Oh, now?

24 Q. Yes.

25 A. I would say his is red -- redder.



1 Q. Is his complexion not normally about the type

2 of complexion that he has right now in this courtroom?

3 A. No, I don't think it's quite as red. It

4 would be close, but --

5 Q. Okay. When you're over at the Brooster's

6 side, do you ultimately have any ob -- make any

7 observation of Delonna?

8 A. On Brooster's side?

9 Q. Excuse me. On the Celebrations side, did you

10 observe Delonna?

11 A. Yeah.

12 Q. And what do you observe about Delonna on the

13 Celebrations side?

14 A. She was upset.

15 Q. What did she do or what did you observe that

16 caused you to know she was upset?

17 A. She was crying.

18 Q. Did you ever see her hold her hands or -- her

19 head in her hands or bring her hands to her face at all?

20 A. She had her head down.

21 Q. Okay. With regard to the time you left, what

22 time would it have been that you and your wife, Connie,

23 left Celebrations?

24 A. Around quarter to 11.

25 Q. Now, was -- when you left, what was your


1 expectation as to whether you had to work as a pharmacist

2 the next day?

3 A. How was I?

4 Q. Yeah. Did you think you were supposed to

5 work in the pharmacy the next day?

6 A. Oh, yes.

7 Q. And what time were you supposed to go to work

8 the next day?

9 A. 8 o'clock in the morning.

10 Q. When you left, had any of the other people in

11 your group left earlier than you left?

12 A. Yeah.

13 Q. And who were those?

14 A. Bill and Lisa Bradford left, then Scott and

15 Tracey Braun, then us, then Tracy and Delonna right

16 behind us.

17 Q. Okay. And did you keep any specific track of

18 what time it was that the Bradfords left?

19 A. They left probably 15 minutes to a half hour

20 before us.

21 Q. And with regard to the Brauns, did you --

22 when you were going home, did you ever see the Brauns on

23 University?

24 A. Yes.

25 Q. And were they in their own unique -- or in


1 their own car at that time?

2 A. Yes, they were.

3 Q. Were they headed in the general same

4 direction towards Cedar Falls on University that you

5 were?

6 A. Yeah.

7 Q. How much sooner would you have left -- or,

8 excuse me, how much earlier would the Brauns have left

9 Celebrations than you would have?

10 A. Just a minute or two.

11 Q. And where did you guys go as you went through

12 Cedar Falls on your way home?

13 A. McDonald's.

14 Q. And did you guys get something -- you and

15 Connie get something to eat there?

16 A. Yes.

17 Q. Did you -- was there ever any plan by any of

18 you folks to meet, any of the four of you, to meet at any

19 other establishment that sold alcoholic beverages?

20 A. No.

21 Q. After you left that night, did you see

22 anybody other than seeing the Brauns in their vehicle on

23 University?

24 A. No. We didn't see anybody else on

25 University.


1 Q. At any point in time, Mr. Young, did you ever

2 see anything or observe or hear anything from Mr. Rokes

3 that would indicate to you to any degree in any way that

4 he was intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol?

5 A. No.

6 Q. And is that what you told the police back at

7 the time --

8 A. Yes.

9 Q. -- that they took your statement?

10 A. Yes.

11 MR. CORRELL: I have nothing further, Your

12 Honor.

13 COURT: Mr. Wadding?



16 Q. What would you expect to see if you did think

17 he was intoxicated?

18 A. Slurring speech, stumbling, acting silly.

19 Q. These are things that you observed on him

20 before?

21 MR. CORRELL: Excuse me, Your Honor. I'm

22 going to object to that. That's an improper question.

23 It's designed to prejudice this court.

24 MR. WADDING: I'm just trying to get a frame

25 of reference, Your Honor.



1 COURT: Overruled.

2 Q. Have you seen him intoxicated before?

3 A. Yes.

4 Q. Seen him stumbling and have slurred words and

5 things like that?

6 A. No. I don't -- I don't think Tracy really

7 gets intoxicated to that point that I've seen.

8 Q. Okay. In any event, you didn't see any

9 stumbling or slurred speech that night?

10 A. No, I didn't.

11 Q. And was it unusual to go to Brooster's?

12 A. No. We've been there before.

13 Q. Been there prior to October 4th?

14 A. Yes.

15 Q. '96?

16 A. Yes.

17 Q. Okay. And that's a fairly common meeting

18 place for people your age, our age I guess; is that fair

19 to say?

20 A. Yeah.

21 Q. And this was a Friday; is that correct?

22 A. Yes, it was.

23 Q. And it's approximately -- approximately

24 quarter to 8 when you arrived there; is that correct?

25 A. No. We got there at about 7:15.



1 Q. I'm sorry. Quarter to 8 when the Rokeses

2 arrived?

3 A. Correct.

4 Q. And is it busy at that time?

5 A. Yeah. It wasn't overly crowded, but it

6 was -- I would say it was busy, but not overly crowded?

7 Q. Okay. That's a pretty busy place, isn't it?

8 A. Yeah, it can be.

9 Q. And people go there after work a lot of times

10 on Fridays?

11 A. That I don't know. Usually I go -- would go

12 later.

13 Q. People go there on a Friday night pretty -- I

14 mean, Friday nights get pretty crowded there?

15 A. Not -- I don't think overly crowded, but,

16 yeah, there's -- there's quite a few people there.

17 Q. Okay. Did you know anybody else there other

18 than the people that you were with?

19 A. Yes, I did.

20 Q. Run into people that you knew?

21 A. One other couple.

22 Q. Okay. Talk to them?

23 A. Yes.

24 Q. Did anybody else know other people there?

25 A. That I don't know.



1 Q. Did you see anybody else in your group

2 talking to other people?

3 A. Not that I can remember.

4 Q. In your mind everybody pretty much stayed

5 together?

6 A. Yeah.

7 Q. And you don't recall if Mr. Rokes went off

8 onto the Celebrations side without you?

9 A. No. I don't think he went with me to thew to the

10 other side.

11 Q. He didn't go with you to the other side?

12 A. Not -- I was right behind him, but I didn't

13 go exactly in with him.

14 Q. And did you do any dancing over at

15 Celebrations?

16 A. No, I didn't.

17 Q. And do you -- do you not dance?

18 A. No. I dance.

19 Q. You just didn't that night?

20 A. Correct.

21 Q. Okay. And did you see Mr. Rokes dance?

22 A. Yes, he did.

23 Q. And did he dance with his wife?

24 A. Yeah.

25 Q. And was that unusual for Mr. Rokes to do?



1 A. He don't dance a lot.

2 Q. Now, you indicated that you gave a statement

3 to the Cedar Falls Police Department; is that correct?

4 A. Yes.

5 Q. And you indicated in there that you had

6 spoken to the Rokeses the day after this incident; is

7 that correct?

8 A. That's correct.?

9 Q. And you gave the statement the Monday

10 following this accident; is that correct?

11 A. That I don't know.

12 Q. Okay. Would you have any reason to argue

13 with the date of October 7, 1996?

14 A. What was that?

15 Q. As the date of giving the statement?

16 A. No. I don't know exactly what date it was.

17 It was the next week that I did go down and give my

18 statement.

19 Q. You were aware that Juli Farrell was dead by

20 that time; is that correct?

21 A. Yeah, that's correct.

22 Q. Okay. And you indicated to the Cedar Falls

23 Police Department that you and your wife had went over to

24 the Rokeses' on October 5th around 2:30 p.m.; is that

25 correct?



1 A. That's correct.

2 Q. And you indicated at that time that the

3 defendant and Mrs. Rokes didn't say anything about the

4 accident; is that correct?

5 A. They didn't say a lot about the accident.

6 Q. Okay. So they did say something about the

7 accident?

8 A. Yeah.

9 Q. Would you agree with me --

10 MR. WADDING: May I approach, Your Honor?

11 COURT: You may.

12 Q. I'm going to show you a two-page document, I

13 don't have it marked for identification. Let's mark it

14 as State's Exhibit "P", (complied) marked for

15 identification, and ask you if -- does that appear to be

16 your statement that you gave to the Cedar Falls Police

17 Department on October 7, 1996?

18 A. Yeah.

19 Q. Okay. That's the statement you gave to the

20 Cedar Falls Police Department?

21 A. Yeah.

22 Q. And does that contain your signature as well?

23 A. Yes, it does.

24 Q. And did you have a chance to review that?

25 A. Yes, I did.



1 Q. Prior to your signature?

2 A. Yes, I did.

3 Q. And in that -- in your statement, didn't you

4 indicate that Tracy and Delonna didn't say anything about

5 the accident?

6 A. Yeah. It does say that, but then it says

7 down here, I said, "They said they were all right but

8 didn't seem like they wanted to talk to about it very

9 much."

10 Q. So they did?

11 A. A little bit.

12 Q. So what did they tell you?

13 A. They told me they were in an accident on

14 Greenhill Road, and Delonna was all right, and Tracy had,

15 you know, stitches on his nose, and that's about it.

16 Q. Okay.

17 A. I can't really remember exactly what went on,

18 but they didn't talk about it that much.

19 Q. Okay. Your wife recalls a discussion about

20 the -- when the light goes to flashing at Greenhill and

21 Highway 58. Do you recall that discussion?

22 A. Yes.

23 Q. Do you recall the discussion being that it

24 switched at 11 o'clock?

25 A. That's what they thought, that Connie



1 thought.

2 Q. That was what your wife thought

3 A. Yeah. That's what Connie and -- that's what

4 she had thought, and I don't know if Tracy and Delonna

5 had thought that too.

6 Q. Did you have a daughter or a son on

7 November -- in November -- on November 21st?

8 A. Yes, we did.

9 Q. Which one?

10 A. Daughter.

11 MR. WADDING: I don't have any further

12 questions. Thank you.

13 COURT: Mr. Correll?

14 MR. CORRELL: Nothing further.

15 COURT: Thank you.


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