CASE #: 96-83155

DATE: 10/10/96

LOCATION: Cedar Falls Police Department


NAME: William James Bradford

DOB: 051366

ADDRESS: Waterloo, Iowa 50702

EMPLOYER: United States Cellula

STATEMENT TAKEN BY: Robert B. Anderson, Police Officer / AA7 


I William James Bradford, give the following statement to Robert B. Anderson, a known

member of the Cedar Falls Police Department, of my own freewill. Everything contained

herein is true to the best of my knowledge.


On 100496 between &:00 and 7:15 P.M. my wife Lisa and I arrived at Brooster's. Plans

were made in advance by the wife's to meet there. Connie and Craig Young arrived

before and I think Delonna and Tracy Rokes arrived next. I would say the arrived

between 7:30 and 8:00 P.M.


The guys were together and the girls were together but we were all in the same general

area. I've known Tracy Rokes since about 1989 and have been out drinking with him

before. Tracy was drinking beer that night and that is what he usually drinks. In

Brooster's we probably had 2 beers and when we went to Celebration's I saw him buy

one additional, so I believe I saw him have three beers. Tracy seemed fine to me. He's

not the kind of person that over does it. It was a pretty normal night based on the times

that we have gone out in the past.


The wives were having there own conversation's from the men's and I didn't talk that

much with Delonna. When talking with Delonna she was being her typical self, crazy

and wild, but that his not because of the alcohol, it's her normal self. I know that she


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was upset earlier about her mother's health and she had been crying but she talked to

my wife about that.


My wife and I left Brooster's around 10:20 and we drove straight home and arrived by

10:30 P.M. I have not talked to Tracy or Delonna since that night and don't know

anything about the accident.


End of Statement.


updated 12/12/16