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Founded in 1947 by the American Automobile Association (AAA), the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety is an independent, not-for-profit, publicly supported charitable research and educational organization dedicated to saving lives and reducing injuries by preventing traffic-related injuries and deaths. The Foundation is committed to sponsoring projects leading to real-world improvements in traffic safety. The Foundation's research and educational projects are funded by voluntary contributions from motor clubs associated with the American Automobile Association and the Canadian Automobile Association, individual AAA club members, and AAA-affiliated insurance companies. The Foundation supports research that is national in scope and considers the experience of other countries.

"One in ten drivers admit they may have driven drunk, finds AAA Foundation study: almost 150 percent more alcohol-related fatalities on New Year's Day" Submitted June 14, 2012

Catalog of Research Documents
Includes research on rollovers, roundabouts, car color and more.

Drunk driving: seeking additional solutions -- PDF This study investigates why drunk driving has not decreased recently and what can be done to reduce it further.

Hit and Run Drivers
Hit and run drivers kill 1500 annually

Impaired Driving
-Alcohol impaired drivers are involved in more tan about one in three fatal crashes--
--97% of drivers finding drinking and driving "unacceptable"
--14 % of drivers admit to driving at or near the legal alcohol limit in the past year
--78% of seniors take one or more medications that can impair drivers


updated 12/06/16